Kent's Plumbing Services

Kent's Plumbing Services
  • New Construction

    Can work with homeowners or contractors. 
  • Repairs

    Sewer, water, gas, shower valves, toilets, faucets. 
  • Replace

    Faucets, garbage disposals, dishwashers, sinks, toilets, tubs, shower valves             
  • Repipe

    We can replace your old galvanized piping with either copper or Pex Piping.
  • Circulation Pumps

    If you’re tired of waiting for hot water, we can install a circulation system or a pump for hot water at your fixture when you want it.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Repairs & Upgrades

    Over 25 years of remodeling and new construction experience.  We are experts in remodeling and renovation, whether it’s your entire plumbing system or a small project.
  • Water Filters

    Replace and install drinking water filters, shower filters, and whole house water filters.
  • Replace Water Heaters

    Will replace old hot water heaters with Bradford White water heaters.  Bradford White water heaters have the exclusive Vitraglas Lining, the Hydrojet Total Performance System and the Defender Safety System.
  • Install Tankless Water Heaters

  • Hot Water Heater De-Scaling

    Minerals Occurring from hard water will adhere to the sides of copper pipe, gradually choking the water path and eventually interfering with the normal operation of your tankless water heaters, leading to subsequent increase in energy costs. Regular maintenance will both ensure efficient operation, as well as extend the life of your appliance.


Leaky Toilet?

I'll repair it for $30.00 (+ parts) in the Oroville Area Only.